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ETA Automatic / Manual Calibers

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Rolex Automatic Calibers

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Rolex Chronograph Calibers

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Water Tightness Test



I have roughly three years of experience servicing and repairing mechanical wrist watches, and nearly five years as a hobbyist. I am a full time engineer, and because of this, I became highly interested in mechanical timepieces and the art of watchmaking. I am currently located in California, USA and have been repairing/servicing watches as a part time profession. I ensure that all work is done per the specific manufacturer's technical manuals with a high degree of craftmanship.  

I specialize in servicing Rolex and ETA movements only. The specific movements worked on are listed in both the booking pages and my terms of service. Currently I only offer full services, and will not perform any " a la carte" requests.  Water tightness testing is available with a Witschi Proofmaster Pro. I have a large assortment of replacement parts, and have access to other avenues for additional replacement parts.

Please feel free to reach out with questions prior to requesting work, and I will be in touch shortly after!  

Works on two of the most common
watch manufactures

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