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ETA Automatic / Manual Calibers

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Rolex Automatic Calibers

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Rolex Chronograph Calibers


Expert Timepiece Servicing and Repair

I have roughly three years of experience servicing and repairing mechanical wrist watches on a frequent basis, and nearly 6 years as a hobbyist. I am a full time engineer, and because of this, I became highly interested in mechanical timepieces and the art of watchmaking.  I enjoy the intricacies and unique issues that arise when working on mechanical timepieces. I ensure that all work is done per the specific manufacturer's technical manuals with a high degree of craftmanship.  I use the highest quality of consumables and tools available to the industry, including Rolex specific tooling in some cases.  Your watch will not be finished until I am completely happy with the results.

I specialize in servicing Rolex and ETA movements only. The specific movements worked on are listed in both the booking pages and my terms of service.  I have a large assortment of replacement parts, and have access to other avenues for additional parts as needed.  This ensures your service or repair is done in a timely manner if part needs arise

I am a 100% mail-in watch service, and do not have a storefront.  Please feel free to reach out with questions prior to requesting work, and I will be in touch shortly after!  

What Servicing Entails

Your watch starts by having the movement removed from the case.  From there the Dial, Hands, and Date Wheel (If Applicable) are removed and safely stored in separate containers.

From here your entire movement is placed into the cleaner.  This is a best practice within industry as it allows the watchmaker to initially clean the movement and do a proper inspection and adjustment prior to a final cleaning.  After your watch is done with its initial cleaning, it gets thoroughly inspected under a microscope for wear and replacement items, as well as completely adjusted during disassembly.  Jewels and other components will be thoroughly inspected for proper operation and placement.

After this phase your watch is completely disassembled, and again put in the cleaner for final cleaning.  So, yes, your watch gets professionally cleaned twice!  

At this point, your watch is assembled and properly oiled and greased per the applicable technical manual.  High quality Moebius Oil/Grease is used for assembly.  Your watch will again be inspected to ensure all is working correctly during and after assembly.

Final stages include regulation on a Witschi Chronometer Pro.  Your watch is timed and adjusted in 6 positions (CH, CB, 3H, 6H, 9H, and 12H).  Timing will be adjusted to ensure its within specifications before completion.

At the request of the customer, water tightness testing can also be done.  Tests are done on a Witschi Proofmaster Pro.  Capability includes pressures from -.7 to 10 bar.

Works on two of the most common
watch manufactures

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M-W-F : 4PM - 9PM
T - Th : Closed
Sat - Sun : 10AM - 6PM


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