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Skilled Watch Care

Engineer by day, Watchmaker by night

Welcome to TB's Watch Repair & Servicing, where with years of experience, I restore your luxury timepiece to its original* glory. With a passion for precision and a commitment to excellence, I ensure that your timepieces are in top-notch condition before they leave my bench.  Here at TB's, only the finest consumables and tools are utilized when working on your timepiece.  I focus primarily on Rolex and ETA models ranging from Vintage pieces to modern models.

Send your timepiece in, for expert care, by filling out the form below.  I will be in touch shortly after submittal.

I am a 100% mail-in watchmaker, and do not provide an address or storefront location.

* I do not polish or recut watch cases or bracelets.

Service Request Form

Thank you! I will be in touch soon! Please ensure is whitelisted in your email.

Rolex 3135
Rolex 116500LN

Submit a service request and I'll be in touch!

Full 3235 Movement
Tudor ETA 2836-2

ETA Manuals/Automatics


Rolex 3235

Rolex Automatics


Rolex 4130

Rolex Chronographs



Have your timepiece overhauled with piece of mind


What's included in an Overhaul?

Full disassembly of movement and watch case.

Pre-clean of entire movement prior to adjustment and diagnosis, with a Elmasolvex SM.

Adjustment / Verification of endshakes with replacement of worn out parts*.

Pegwood reconditioning of all jewel holes.

Second cleaning of disassembled movement.

Reassembly with oiling and demagnetization.  Applicable parts will be treated with Epilame.

Regulation and timing adjustment in 6 positions.  Watch will be regulated within specification.

Ultrasonic cleaning of case components and bracelet.

Replacement of all gaskets, and lubrication of all threads.

Dry pressure test up to 10 bar for water resistant models, with a Witschi Proofmaster Pro.

* Replaced parts are not included in base pricing.

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