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Terms & Conditions

The following categories are pricing tiers, for all watches (No partial services performed, only complete overhauls). The price quoted is only an estimate and does not include any additional parts that may be needed.  Prices are subject to change at any time.  Old pricing is no longer valid at that time.

o ETA Auto / Manual ($250) - ETA 2671/2824/2836/2892, and 6497/8

o Rolex Auto ($350) - Rolex 15xx, 20xx, 30xx, 31xx, and 32xx 

o Rolex Chrono ($500) - Rolex 4130

o Bezel and Crystal work on rotating bezel assemblies - $100 (Needs to be included in a full service above)

  • Aftermarket Ceramic Inserts are very fragile.  I take extreme care using proper dies to remove and press inserts back on, but there is a possibility these break while removing or pressing back in.  I can help install or source a new insert, but I will not take responsibility for the cracked insert.  

  • Bezels can be a gamble when servicing. Often they have hytrel (nylon) gaskets/rings that are used to hold the bezel onto the crystal retaining ring. These rings are to be replaced during normal factory service on Swiss watches because they are usually deformed or destroyed removing the bezel. On aftermarket made cases the makers do not offer replacement hytrel rings and the customer is left up to finding something that (hopefully) works. This can result in a bezel that lacks the smoothness and tactile feel it had before it was removed and replaced. Bottom line: There is no guarantee a bezel replacement will be perfect.

o Water Tightness Test **Up to 10 BAR** - $50 (Can be done a la carte or with service, no shipping fees included)

  • Test is performed on a top of the line Witschi Proofmaster Pro.  This testing instrument measures case deformation under vacuum and pressure and provides a printout of the test results. Photos will be included.  Price is for test only after proper lubrication of seals.  If I have to troubleshoot, and repair case leaks, that could potentially be added cost.

  • NOTE: A watch that passes this test only confirms that it is water resistant here in my workshop at the time the test was made. It is not a guarantee your watch will be water resistant in any way. I assume all risks when I swim with my personal watches and you will be assuming the same risks if you swim with yours. No warranty given or implied.

  • NOTE: When installing various gaskets, retaining rings, and case tubes, there is an extreme amount of variability between manufactures.   If everything goes as hoped, you get a successful install that is watertight to 10 bar/330 feet. But that's not always the case dealing with crystals, gaskets, retaining rings from different manufacturers. There are no guarantees everything will go together perfectly and be watertight.  Caution still needs to be taken when around water with heavily modified watches.


o Service includes a strip down of the movement, replacement worn out or broken parts, professional 4-stage cleaning, re-build, replacement of old mainspring with new Swiss mainspring (Besides Rolex 3235 Movements, sometimes the old mainsprings work better), oiling per the tech manuals, regulation on timegrapher, and return shipping via USPS Priority.  Partial services are not's all or nothing. I will include things such as dial installs, date wheel installs, hand installs / resetting, etc., as part of a full service. But, I will not perform these as a separate item.  Crystals / Bezels on fixed bezel watches can be installed as part of the above service fee.  If installation / modification is needed on rotating bezel assemblies and associated crystals, that will be an extra fee of $100 as noted above.

o Any part that needs to be replaced will be added to the overall estimate above. Parts are not replaced for free. I will help provide parts or source them for you. If gen parts are ordered, payment will be requested for those prior to ordering. I will notify you immediately if I notice an issue with a part, and recommend options. If parts need to be replaced, this price will be added ON TOP of your Service Cost. I will not absorb any cost, unless damaged occurred as an error on my part.

o Any parts that are replaced will be added to my spare parts, unless instructed to do otherwise upfront.

o Aftermarket watches will be regulated within +/- 10 sec/day. Gens will be regulated within spec.

o Aftermarket watches date changes will be within +/- 10 minutes of midnight. Gens will be within spec.

I will do my best to regulate aftermarket watches in the six major positions with a Witschi Chronomaster Pro.  It is very likely some aftermarket movements see large deviations between positions, there is very little I can do to remedy this.

o After servicing, there is a small chance the movement will not run to its full potential.  Aftermarket watches suffer from poor craftmanship, and there are somethings I will not be able to fix or improve on. If all parts are deemed acceptable, I will work with the client on a possible solution. This could include a movement swap if applicable, but this will be an extra cost. If no solution is found, watch will be returned for a small fee, as time and consumables were still used. Think of this as an "Inspection Fee".  

o It is the responsibility of the customer to know what movement is in their watch, and request work accordingly.  If I receive a watch that is not one of the aforementioned movements, you will be charged an inspection fee and the watch will be sent back.

o Turnaround time varies. Generally speaking, I try to commit to a 2-3 week turnaround once the watch is received. I only accept new customers via my website and booking system. All notifications will be sent via email through my booking system. If you receive notification to ship, and you take longer than ONE WEEK to ship, your order will be cancelled. You will not be able to re-book your same slot and will go to the end of the line. Invoices are sent via email, with instructions and a link to pay.

o Zelle and PayPal F&F is the only accepted payment method. Payment will not be requested until watch is complete via an invoice, and client deems watch acceptable. If you cannot use these methods do not request a service.

o TB’s Watch Repair & Servicing takes no responsibility in shipping times, lost items, or damage during transit. Package Insurance can be added at the request and expense of the client. Watches are typically shipped back via USPS Priority unless instructed otherwise. Shipping address used will be copied from your booking request. Please ensure this is correct. If the incorrect address is added, customer assumes all responsibility / will pay for a new shipping label to be created.

o TB’s Watch Repair & Servicing offers a 6-month warranty on aftermarket watches and 12-month on gen watches. This warranty covers labor cost only. It does not cover return shipping, damage due to improper use, failed parts, modifications, unauthorized repairs, or other external causes. This does not include slight timing loss or gain, as aftermarket movements can easily be knocked out of proper regulation, and timing can be affected by many variables.

Warranty starts at the time of invoice.


Q) Are prices negotiable?  Your prices seem high!

A) No they are not negotiable.  Please realize I perform the exact same service as a Trained Technician, minus the case and bracelet restoration.  Services through a Authorized Service Center cost twice as much as my prices.  No matter what your watch is, it receives the same service and attention to detail that any other watch would receive. 

Q) I’m in a huge hurry. Can you get this done quickly?

A) No. Expect to wait and be patient. If you can’t wait then, I’m not your guy.  Wait list can be in excess of a year.

Q) Can you let me know of any openings earlier?

A) No. I work on a first come first serve basis.  You will wait in line like all the other costumers.  I do typically run ahead of schedule, but you will not be moved up in line.


Q) I have a watch that was built by a modder and has some problems I'd like fixed.

A) I'm sorry but trying to fix someone else's mistakes can mean spending a huge amount of time and getting little for it. Please send it back to the person who built it and ask them to fix it.


Q) Do you offer Nano coating?

A) No. If Nano coating was really beneficial, all of the big Swiss companies would be using it on their watches. 


Q) Can I email or message you to "check in" or get an "update" or  to see where I am in the queue?

A) Once you make a booking request, you will receive the following (Please do not email me otherwise) :

     - An email confirming your Request.

     - An email confirming your projected Service Date, once I assign that.

     - An email with shipping instructions, when you date comes around.


Q) Can I message you on social media or WhatsApp?

A) Email is the only applicable communication prior to your servicing.  At that time I will likely reach out via WhatsApp to share progress.  I also have a life outside of watchmaking, so please be patient with responses.

Q) My rotor is noisy, can you silence it?

A) No.  Most modern rotors are bearing supported, and thus are more noisy than a jewel supported rotor.  I oil per the technical manual, and will do no more than that.  Some modders use Molykote to silence rotors.  This is a heavy grease that slows your rotor and WILL spread to other areas.  Cleaning this off is time consuming as it poisons modern watch cleaning liquid.


Q) I see used genuine parts on eBay. Are they good for adding to watch movement?

A) Used parts were removed from a watch for a reason, and that reason is because a watchmaker found them unsuitable and in need of replacement. Listings are often misleading and parts can be in poor condition. The only safe parts are brand new parts in a blister package, and even those have been re-blister packaged used parts. It's a minefield out there.  I can provide legit, blistered, genuine parts if needed, but please understand payment is due prior to ordering said parts.

If you send products from eBay, I will do my best to make them work, but ultimately this is your risk.


Q) I tested my watch with a phone app and it was +3spd yesterday and today it’s -7spd. What’s wrong with it?

A) Probably nothing. Time testing a mechanical watch every day will suck the enjoyment out of ownership. The fluctuations in timekeeping can be a result of a dozen things, including its condition, your activity, positional variations, temperature, or nearby UFOs. The best Swiss movements are certified chronometers, and while they are as solid performing as it gets, even they can change depending on those factors. Don’t expect a clone movement to run like the Swiss giants’ movements. Wear it and enjoy it or buy a quartz watch if you’re expecting chronometer accuracy.  Aftermarket balances are extremely inaccurate in shape and poise.  This can greatly effect timing in various positions.  I will do my best to get all as close as possible before complete.


Q) My dial or date wheel is out of alignment. What can be done to fix this?

A) Nothing. Contrary to what you might have read, there are no adjustments for rotating a dial, date wheel, or movement, to bring it into alignment. The only exception might be a DWO (date wheel overlay) used on some ETA movements. This overlay is glued on top of the stock date wheel to position the numbers in the date window of the dial. If it's attached incorrectly, the some or all numbers can be out of alignment. Some modders have removed and reinstalled them, which is a very time consuming operation.

***Not affiliated with Rolex Watch, U.S.A., Inc***

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